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I just got a call from this number and I don't know who is this. It was an international call. So, I need to know the identity of this person.
Received calls from the number and which to know who and source if it is credible
Soliham Man Jobir man Sizdan Havotirman telefon ni kutarilgan Soliham
russian scam. waits few secs then masculine voice rapidly starts telling he is from police
Szustwo, facet najpierw pisze że ma lawetę i może zabrać auto,po wpłaceniu pieniędzy kontakt się ucina
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Whose number is this?
Information about the phone number
A country: Norway
Operator: Telenor
1. adam Ray04-06-2023 г.
whose number is this seems like a scam number :- 07882247416
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